Te Koohao Tu Taua o Ngapuhi Taiaha

March 22, 2016, 4:01 p.m.

Te Koohao Tū Taua o Ngapuhi Taiaha are the northern branch of Te Whare Tū Taua o Aotearoa, the international school of Māori weaponry started by Dr. Pita Sharples.

The kaiako in this performance is Brenna Smith, a Pou Ono. The performers involved are Mihaka Brown, Toshman Greaves, Anaru Kaiwai and Mowaiva, all of whom are Pou Tahi. The other performers, Kiwana, Te Wana, and Te Raki, are Pou Rua.

The Pou represent the level. Mau Taiaha has head bands called "Tipare," and each colour in the bands represents a godly deity and the level in the discipline. Pou Tahi is the first level; brown, the colour of the earth or Papatūānuku, which represents the foundation of the art. Pou rua is the second level; green, the colour of the forest or Tānemahuta which represents the Rakau you bare in your hands which is a gift from Tane. 


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