Interview with Te Puu Ao

Jan. 31, 2018, 2:26 p.m.

Robin Nathan from Te Puu Ao speaks with Taimania.


Interviw with Ikanui from Muriwhenua

Ikanui speaks with us after Muriwhenua performed at the Ngāpuhi Festival.
3 years, 5 months

Interview with David Tapere

David Tapere, one of the kaiako of Hatea, speaks with Taimania at the Ngāpuhi Festival 2018.
3 years, 5 months

Interview with Te Huaki Puanaki

Te Huaki Puanaki speaks about his performance at the Ngāpuhi Festival
3 years, 5 months

Interview with Iwi Idol Contestant Princess Harris-Cooper

Iwi idol contestant Princess Harris-Cooper has a chat with Taimania after her performance.
3 years, 5 months