Are we protecting our tikanga and reo in the digital domain?

Feb. 13, 2019, 9:30 a.m.

With sovereignty a focus of Waitangi the issue of data sovereignty continues to pose questions as data is collected on Māori for statistical and analytical purposes.

In 2016 the Data Iwi Leaders Group was formed in response to the increasing need for iwi to harness the control of data around three key areas - Information, translation and infrastructure.

Indigenous data sovereignty is a global issue and is essentially about enabling cultures to develop into the future but with that comes the control of iwi information as a money making resource.

Data can be used to help generate new innovations, technologies, services and businesses and when interpreted correctly lead to outcomes beneficial for Māori.  However it is also easy for others to control how that data is viewed often misconstruing a negative picture of Māori by only referring to negative statistics.

With so much of our personal information available Te Hiku Media asks:  How do we control our data and are we at risk by putting too much online?

Tags: Innovation & Technology


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