He Kūmara, He Tangata, Ngati Hine Festival

March 11, 2017, 12:06 p.m.

Amber Smith has a kōrero with one of the whanau who is dressed as a kumara for the duration of the Festival


Len Bristowe talks with Rukuwai Allen

Len will be speaking in the Ngati Hine Festival Tautohetohe. Listen to what Len has to share about current affairs.
6 years, 2 months

Tapeka Henare talks about the Ngati Hine Festival

Chairperson of Ngati Hine Festival Tapeka Henare talks about Te Ahuareka o Ngati Hine
6 years, 2 months

Tihi Puanaki, Moe Milne and Rukuwai Allen

Te reo o te kainga, he reo no te kainga.
6 years, 2 months

Te Huaki Puanaki Performs Aniwaniwa

Te Huaki Puanaki is one of the favourite Kaiwaiata of Ngati Hine. This is their live performance of 'Aniwaniwa.'
6 years, 2 months